Change A Life Project

Fill a can. Feed a family.

Every week, over 21,000 people in our community go hungry. That’s a big number. So, a group of local companies has now joined forces to help Community Harvest Food Bank lower that number. We want to make a difference in the lives of our neighbors, friends and families. We want to transform the community’s loose change into REAL change.

How are we going to do that? With your help. All we’re asking is that you take one of our 10,000 available Change A Life Project cans. Set it on your desk, your kitchen counter, the cup holder of your car, wherever. Then, start filling it up with your loose change. Once you’ve got a full can, take it to any of our 8 iAB Financial Bank drop-off locations in Allen County. Your can will be emptied, and 100% of your donation will go to Community Harvest. Your change will go directly to feeding the hungry in our community. A little change goes a long way.

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Get involved!

With roughly 11 pick-up locations, we make it easy to get a Change a Life can of your own. And, with 8 Grabill Banks available for drop-off, it’s easy to make your donations, too.

Find a location nearest you.

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Funds Raised.

Every can full of change that is donated helps. Every nickel, dime and quarter that we collect helps. Every person who offers their time and money to feed the hungry helps. Here, you can see just how much good our help is doing.

Every Friday, our ticker will be updated to show the amount of change that’s been donated. You can see the number of cans returned and the money our community has raised.

Cans Returned


Total Raised So Far

We want to keep these numbers growing! Collect your change, turn in your cans at any iAB Financial Bank branch, watch the ticker grow. You'll see the hungry be fed. We know we can do it.Back to top  


Learn more about our sponsors

If you’d like to become a sponsor of the Change A Life Project, we’d love to hear from you.
Email us at for more information.

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